Level 3 Body Massage Diploma

Level 1 & 2, MASTER in Usui Reiki Healing

Master Crystal Reiki Healing 

Diploma in Indian Head Massage

Diploma in Advance Deep Tissue Massage 

Diploma - Anatomy and Physiology 

Diploma - Pathologies

Certificate in Pre-Blended Oils 

Certificate in Pregnancy massage

Certificate in Massage for Womens Health 

Shamanic Womb Massage 

Advanced Aromatherapy

Certificate of Herbalism

Hi I’m Trudi, a Natural Health therapist supporting women to connect to natures magical cycles. 


I founded Wild Samsara to support women at all stages of their life, and monthly, cycle to feel a deeper connect with their own wild nature. 

Like many women, not long ago I realised I had lost my connection to cycles of the year, lunar month and my inner menstrual cycle which holds so much wisdom and creative energy. I had allowed modern society override my intuition, and found my body was feeling imbalanced as a result. 

Armed with the desire to revisit my wilder, natural state of being – away from the stresses of the modern world – and inspired by the ancient concept of Samsara - the endless, raw but beautiful cycle of life - Wild Samsara was born.

I now practice my work from my private garden view room in the spiritually sacred village of Mount Hawke, minutes from the wild ocean. 

The Wild Samsara Philosophy 


At its heart, Wild Samsara is about empowering women to embrace our bodies in their natural form, and providing them with regular self-care moments which evoke self-healing.

The philosophy behind my treatments goes beyond the body. With a deeper awareness of natural cycles - be that the moon, the seasons and our inner cycles I have found we can learn more about, and ultimately heal, ourselves by getting back in step with nature.


I try to do this by tailoring all treatments not just for you, but also your environment: be that day 1 of your cycle, in the middle of Winter on a full moon, or day 28 of your cycle, during a hot summers day while the moon is waning. This time is yours to reflect, reconnect and listen to your body.