Wild Samsara Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection and Prevention Control Policy


Booking procedure

Upon booking your treatment you will be asked to complete a disclaimer form to confirm you are not displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in recent contact with someone who has. This includes the questions:


  • Have you tested positive or had treatment for COVID-19?

  • Have you, or has anyone you are in close contact with, had any of the following signs or symptoms associated with coronavirus [list latest signs and symptoms]

  • Have you been strictly following the social distancing measures outlined by the government during COVID-19?

  • Did you check your temperature this morning and was it normal? (If your client is comfortable to do so, you could potentially ask them to carry out a temperature check in front of you, using a forehead strip or ear thermometer.)


If your treatment was booked in advance I may be in touch with you 24 hours before to confirm your answers to this disclaimer remain the same.


Unfortunately I will currently not be offering treatments to those who are considered vulnerable. This includes those who are pregnant, elderly, diagnosed with Cancer, Diabetic, Asthmatic or those living with chronic conditions such as Parkinsons, chronic Liver or heart conditions, or MS.

Cancellation policy

This has been amended to allow you to cancel in short notice if you suspect symptoms of Covid 19.


Therapist precautions (incl. PPE)

Please be assured that I am taking my health very seriously and will be monitoring myself for Covid 19 symptoms daily. This may mean a last minute cancellation and full refund of your booking if I am unsure of my current health.


During your treatment I will wear a clean, reusable, face cover, clean clothing and will be vigilant with hand washing in between every session. You are welcome to wear a face mask during your treatment if you would like. This will not be provided to you.


I will not be using gloves during your massage to ensure comfort. I will not wear an apron but will be changing clothes between clients.


Treatment space


Please only bring essential items into the treatment space. If possible please leave belongings and excess clothing in your vehicle.


On arrival you will be asked to sanitise your hands to remain 2 metres away during consultation so we can go over your health and treatment plan without wearing masks.


The treatment space has been decluttered to include only essential items that are easy to clean between clients.


All towels and sheets are fresh for each client and cleaned daily at 60 degrees.


To reduce risk I will not be offering water or snacks during a treatment so please come prepared with your own refreshments.

Enhanced hygiene measures

Wild Samsara adheres to high standards of hygienic practice, as outlined in the FHT Code of Conduct and Professional Practice, which includes appropriately cleaning the hands and treatment area between clients.

In light COVID-19, we have enhanced hygiene measures to include an active checklist of things that are to be washed or disinfected at the beginning and end of each day and in between clients.

On top of the usual therapy items and equipment that require disinfecting and washing (such as couches, fabric couch covers, towels and therapy tools/equipment), this now includes:

  • handles, handrails and bannisters

  • light switches

  • toilet and sink area

  • chairs

  • pens or mobile device screens

  • payment terminal