Rose Bush

Holistic Therapies 


Deep RELAXATION Massage 


75 minutes | £45        90 minutes | £65

Combining relaxing Swedish massage techniques, breath work, energy healing and pure blended oils tailored to your cycle - this treatment aims to unravel physical tension and relax the mind. 

This massage is for those who want to relax, switch off and breath away stress.


Deep RELEASE Massage 


75 minutes

Please note: To ensure this treatment is effective this massage is only available as part of a massage package

Ease pain, tension and postural imbalance with this deep tissue massage which includes stretching, trigger point therapy and breath work. This slow, deep massage is designed to effectively release the deeper levels of the muscles, and is especially powerful for those with considerable muscle tension. 


Indian Head Massage 


45 minutes | £40

Inspired by extensive travel across the Indian continent, this seated message is perfect for worked deeper into the head, neck and shoulders.  


Blow off the cobwebs and wake up your senses with this invigorating - yet relaxing - treatment. 

Includes: guided meditation, shoulder, neck, head and face massage, and warm oils.


Reiki Energy Healing 


60 minutes | £40
ncludes free sound & crystal add ons

This beautiful Japanese practice has been celebrated across the world for its powerful ability to slow the mind and body down, promote self healing and create a positive approach to harnessing the body’s natural energy.

Reiki is a powerful hands on treatment that works by connecting to the universal life force which surrounds us all, to clear negative energy and dis-ease; bringing you back into harmony.