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Moontime Massage 

60 minutes | £50                 


Honour your bleed time with a slow, deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage designed for your period. This Moontime massage is perfect in the Autumn (premenstrual) or Winter (menstruation) phase of your cycle to ease cramps, calm emotions and give you deep mediation for the most intuitive time of the month. 



  • Slow, relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage using my specially blended aromatherapy oil

  • Organic Raspberry Leaf or Chai tea 

  • Piece of Organic Dark Chocolate 

  • Moontime Chart consultation. 

  • Optional Free adds ons: Castor Oil pack (premenstrual) or Hot Water Bottle. 

Note: Moontime massages are the ultimate red tent experience. Massage sheets are switched from white to red, and the treatment space is transformed into a candle lit dark space for you to retreat.  

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