Rose Bush

Online offerings


Distance Reiki healing 

30 minutes | £15    

Reiki is a beautiful Japanese practice which has the powerful ability to slow the mind and body down, promote self healing and create a positive approach to harnessing the body’s natural energy.

Reiki works by connecting to the universal life force which surrounds us all, to clear negative energy and dis-ease; bringing you back into harmony. It can be used to alleviate disease, pain relief, combat stress, heal trauma and to help with relaxation.

As the concept of Reiki is based on the fact that we are more than just our bodies, and that energy transcends time and space, we do not need to be in the same room for the intention of healing to travel to you.


Online Embodied Womb Consultation

30 minutes | £20

Our hormonal and reproductive health is a mirror reflecting our general physical and emotional wellbeing.

Whether you are experiencing imbalance, pain or emotionally disruptive bleeds, seek fertility or menopause support, or simply would like to connect to your body, an online consultation is for you.


During the call we will talk through your current health and moontime patterns, and Trudi will guide you through natural approaches to support your womb health. 


Yoni Steam Package

Includes x2 30 minute sessions | £40

This ancient practice of sitting over a bowl of gently steaming organic herbs to cleanse your yoni (vagina) can have a transformative effect on your self-care.

It has been known to support painful, irregular and emotionally traumatic bleeds and may help regulate my flow, reduce growths - such as fibroids and cysts - and detoxify the womb from physical and emotional trauma. 

This package consists of two 30 minute sessions. The first is a consultation to include support and guidance on your womb health, and then x2 steams of herbs sent to you.


The second session is booked once the herbs arrive, consisting of a releasing meditation to support you to let go of any womb trauma, pain or energy stagnation.