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Reiki is a beautiful Japanese practice which has the powerful ability to slow the mind and body down, promote self healing and create a positive approach to harnessing the body’s natural energy.

Reiki works by connecting to the universal life force which surrounds us all, to clear negative energy and dis-ease; bringing you back into harmony. It can be used to alleviate disease, pain relief, combat stress, heal trauma and to help with relaxation.

As Reiki aknowledges that we are more than just our physical bodies, and that energy transcends time and space, we do not need to be in the same room for the intention of healing to travel to you. 


You can book your 15 minutes session for a time which suits you to take time out from your day and recieve healing. I will create a ritual specific to you, and hold sacred space for Reiki healing to reach you wherever you are. 


Full instructions will be sent to you upon booking. 


"I had some distance reiki with Trudi earlier this week and am still in the wow of the moment! I will be booking again as I felt this was just the start of the journey and I have a bit of work to do to process and move forward. I would highly recommend this to others to work through any blockages or business to gain a sense of calm and clarity.


Like I said one session has meant that I know that Trudi does some amazing work with me already and is so thorough and supportive in her follow up as well. I have found it a real eyeopener! Try it!" Chelle, Brighton

Distance Reiki Healing


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