My clay packs are nurturing, cleansing, replenishing masks for your reproductive and moontime health. The primary ingredient is Fuller Earth, a magnesium rich clay like substance that absorbs  inpurities, detoxifies and replenishes the skin and lymphatic system when applied to the womb and liver. 🌿


I have created herbal blends of these packs to make them infused by plant power.



  • Includes 30 minute consultation & instructions via Zoom 
  • x2 applications of womb play and soft flannel 


Choose from:


  1. Original Clay
  2. Mugwort and Lavender to regulate hormones, increase circulation to the uterus and remove stagnant blood
  3. Chamomile to soothe and sedate cramps and endometriosis pain. 

Womb Clay Pack & Consultation