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Serpentine (New Jade)

It is said by mystics to help with emotional cleansing, psychic powers, and attract love and money.


It is also used in the rise of the kundalini, facilitating the rise by opening a path that lessens discomfort. In addition, serpentine is considered a metaphysically protective stone that is especially protective against snakebite, poison, and venom.


Serpentine is an excellent stone for meditation. Physically, traditional and mystical tradition says that serpentine eliminates parasite infections and removes venom and other poisons. Serpentine is associated primarily with the heart chakra.



Product Description

  • Includes Red veltic storage bag and link to web page with instructions for use
  • Approx 35×50 mm
  • Undrilled
  • Perfect for those new to Yoni eggs or after birth 



About Yoni Eggs

Women across the world have been practicing with stone eggs for over 5,000 years to bring awareness, integrity and awaken the energy of their Yoni (Sanskrit word for the female genitalia “sacred space.”)


The egg is place inside the vagina, and practice siimple kegel exercises by tensing and relaxing the pelvic floor and vagina muscles. You may start with just a few minutes a day and build up. As your muscles become stronger you can pratice leaving the egg inside you for longer periods of time.


When used as a regular, mindful practice, Yoni Eggs can:


  • Increase libido & sensitivity during sex

  • Increase lubribartion

  • Strengthen & bring integrity to vaginal muscles

  • Bring self awarness and love to the vagina

  • Release Trauma stored in the body

  • Awaken feminine energy


Important – Do not practice with a Yoni Egg if you are pregnant or right after childbirth.  A Yoni egg can be a wonderful practice to start postpartum, just make sure to consult your doula, midwife or doctor before you start.

Serpentine (New Jade) Yoni Egg (Lrg undrilled)

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