Why you should add Reiki to your Massage (and how to get it for free)

If you'd told me a couple of years ago that I would end up as a practicing Reiki healer, not just on other people but also on myself as a daily self-care practice, my first thought would probably have been "what the hell is Reiki?!" Despite it being such a huge part of my life these days, not so long ago it wasn't on my radar at all.

It wasn't until the word Reiki seemed to be popping up everywhere last year that I decided to listen to the Universe and trust that I should explore this misunderstood, yet extraordinary Japanese healing technique. After months of study, and over 250 hours of Reiki later, I am a true convert to this subtle, but energy shifting healing technique.

Developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Dr Mikao Usui, Reiki uses a technique of hands-on healing in which a practitioner channels "universal energy" (AKA Prana or Chi) through the palms of their hands to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. The core principle is that I, as a practitioner, am not healing per se, I am simply clearing energy blockages and giving your chi a boost to be better able to heal yourself.

There have been many attempts to translate this into a language people can understand, and multiple studies have sought to find the science behind the transformative effect it has on the mind and body. However, I can't empathise enough that Reiki has to be felt not described. Besides, the experience is unique to each individual.

For some, it evokes profound sensations of heat, whirring, energy shifts and even feeling like you are travelling through a vortex. For others, it is simply a relaxing, nurturing sense of peace as you gently drift off. Some people have emerged from my treatment room with a "whoah that was amazing!" moment, whilst others have said "ah that was nice" with a sleepy nod.

Regardless of what happens during the session, the simple act of clearing and boosting your subtle energies is nothing short of a revelation. When you realise so much of your physical and emotional dis-ease can be lifted with a good old fashioned aura cleanse, you'll never look back!

The thing that has fascinated me the most with my Reiki explorations is the impact it has when teamed with a body massage. When the body has completely undergone deep relaxation, and your mind is in a state of meditation (or close to sleep!) Reiki can really work its magic without your rational mind creating blockages. When your body and mind is relaxed, you are naturally more receptive to Reiki and the sensations you feel as it awakens your bodys natural healing mechanisms. Just as Earth is naturally self regulating and can replenish itself given time, so too can your body.

And for those of you who have had a massage with me in the past, you'll have noticed that Reiki is a part of all treatments I do. I'll often use reiki to warm and relax muscles prior to using my massage techniques, and I always finish off with a short energy healing to your third eye and crown Chakras during my head massages.

Try Reiki for FREE

I am always keen to share my love for Reiki with others, and I completely resonate with being intrigued by something, but not quite convinced to part with my money! So, for the whole of March and April, I am offering a FREE 15 minute Reiki taster with every massage booked. Simply book a 30 or 60 minute massage now!

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