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Join women's health Naturapath Christina Wills from Terranova Wellness, and Womb Healer Trudi Holden from Wild Samsara - in our series of Well Woman Workshops and supper evenings; exploring the hidden secrets to happy hormones, the natural way!

We will delve into the common conditions such as tricky periods, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility and peri-menopause and work together to get to the root of what your period could be telling you about your health. We will then share our extensive knowledge of herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, massage, aromatherapy and energetic healing to provide ways to balance your body naturally.

The evening includes all food and refreshments, and goodie bags to take home!

Investment: £25 - see full details and dates on my Facebook page
or email me to book.

Upcoming dates 

Wild Samsara | Natural Healing in Cornwall for Wild Women