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The Wild Samsara Philosophy 


At its heart, Wild Samsara is about empowering us as women to embrace our bodies in their natural form, and providing them with regular self-care moments which evoke self-healing.


Whether that's an invigorating massage to stimulate our natural drainage system, relaxing aromatherapy to soothe the sympathetic nervous system (which governs our stress responses) or energy healing which reconnects our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. 

But the philosophy behind my treatments goes beyond the body. With a deeper awareness of natural cycles - be that the moon, the seasons and our inner cycles I have found we can learn more about, and ultimately heal, ourselves by getting back in step with nature.


I try to do this by tailoring all treatments not just for you, but also your environment: be that day 1 of your cycle, in the middle of Winter on a full moon, or day 28 of your cycle, during a hot summers day while the moon is waning. This time is yours to reflect, reconnect and listen to your body. 

Period Care


My dream is of a world where taking regular time out for self-healing at the points in our cycle when our body needs nurturing the most is something which is regarded not as a treat, but as a necessity. Massage is a beautiful soother of  cramps, headaches and aching, as well as an emotional balancer for when you are feeling a little off kilter. 

Wild Samsara | Natural Healing in Cornwall for Wild Women