How to Use your Yoni Egg

Women across the world have been practicing with stone eggs for over 5,000 years to bring awareness, integrity and awaken the energy of their Yoni (Sanskrit word for the female genitalia “sacred space.”)


When used as a regular, mindful practice, Yoni Eggs can:


Increase libido & sensitivity during sex

Increase lubribartion

Strengthen & bring integrity to vaginal muscles

Bring self awarness and love to the vagina

Release Trauma stored in the body

Awaken feminine energy



  1. Set aside time for your self love practice daily (even if its just 10 minutes) ensure you wont be disturbed during this time

  2. You may want to begin this practice with a self massage, meditation or simply holding your hand over your heart and womb and asking yourself how you are feeling today

  3. Remove your egg from your velvet bag and check for any cracks (VERY important to do when it is first shipped to you) DO NOT USE IF THERE ARE ANY CRACKS OR NICKS.

  4. Clean your egg by boiling water, leaving to cool to a warm temperature and gently wiping egg with dampened cotton wool

  5. Place the cleaned egg inside your Vagina, as far as you are comfortable for it to go. Breathe, relax. Its not going to get lost up there! 

  6. Gently and slowly begin creating waves of contraction and relaxation with the vaginal muscles. Holding each contraction for a little longer. Engage all quadrants of your Pelvic Floor by imagining you are holding in a wee and poo.

  7. As you build on your Yoni Egg practice, you can begin to work more comfortably with the breath and visualisations to release emotionally and physically with each release of the Vagina muscles. 

  8. Again, the more often you use your egg, the longer you can keep it in. Aim for no longer than 3 hours at a time though! 




How do I get it out?

You may find the trick is keeping in when you first start working with your vaginal muscles. But sometimes through stress, anxiety or strong muscles, your egg might not simply fall out.


First of all relax! The egg can only travel so far and will not go past the cervix. Trust the process and use this as an opportunity to know your body and allow the crystal to do the healing work. It is a perfect time to meditate, listen to your thought and emotions, journal.

To help expel the egg add lubrication, like coconut oil or your lubricant of choice. Breathe deeply and relax. Squat or sit, and Push down as if you are doing a bowel movement. Be ready to catch the egg! You can help hook it with your clean finger. Be gentle, do not push hard and avoid creating any uncomfortable sensations.

Vaginal muscles tend to tense unconsciously from stress, so if you are relaxed it will help the egg to come out quickly. Keep in mind that it will not hurt you if the egg stays inside for 24 hours, some couples even safely use it during the intercourse to increase pleasure for both partners.

Keep practicing and soon you will learn to expel the egg by command!

When should I avoid using the egg?

Please avoid using the egg in the following circumstances:


  • During pregnancy and immediately after vaginal birth. 

  • If you have an IUD fitted 

  • You have a vaginal infection or STI

  • Have experienced a Uterine or Bladder prolapse

  • When you are menstruating